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The Ultimate Guide To Manhattan Luggage Storage 2024

Luggage storage in Manhatten

As the most populated borough in New York, Manhattan is located on Manhattan Island between the Harlem, East, and Hudson Rivers. It is also surrounded by some of the most popular shops, dining opportunities, museums, and attractions. 

Whether you’re carrying a briefcase, lugging a gym bag, or pulling a suitcase, you don’t want to bring your bags along while you explore. You’re going to have to find a reliable luggage storage space to drop them at.

In Manhattan, there are many luggage storage options - as there are across the whole of New York City - from lockers to luggage companies with warehouses to keep your belongings. Many of these places are security conscious enough to seal your bags with protective tape and tags so you know they are safe.

But since it’s hard to know which place is best when you’ve never used one, we’re going to help you find a place to stash your stuff while you explore Manhattan.

Are there luggage lockers in Manhattan?

You may not find what you’re looking for if you want a Manhattan luggage locker because most of the local lockers are for short-term hourly use for tourists who are visiting attractions. Manhattan luggage lockers are not insured or attended, so your bags may not be safe. In fact, Manhattan luggage lockers are often prime targets for theft in New York. 

Where can I find luggage storage in Manhattan?

You’ll find over 100 luggage storage facilities all over the island from small lockers to huge warehouses that can hold even the largest packages and suitcases. Whether you’re a local storing a duffel bag after hitting the gym on your way out to the clubs or a tourist out to see the sights, Manhattan has what you need.

The cost of a Manhattan luggage storage service varies but can be over $50 per day depending on the company. Also, you’ll find that the services offered are totally different. While some offer securely sealed bags with guaranteed insurance, others are nothing more than a metal locker. 

How does luggage storage work?


Most luggage storage facilities are similar, and you can find them all over, mostly near tourist attractions and popular local favorites like shopping, dining, and nightclubs. They’re usually found at small local companies like cleaners, retail stores, and hotels.


You just find the one you prefer and drop off your bags, picking them up when you’re done exploring. 

Which Is The Best Manhattan Luggage Storage App?

Because there are so many different Manhattan luggage storage apps, it can be difficult choosing the best one for your needs. They’re easy to use and are available for both residents and visitors. Storing your bags at one of these places is usually quite safe and helps out local businesses too.

lugaggage storage comparison table in manhattan


Our favorite Manhattan luggage storage company is Bounce.


After doing some research, we found that Bounce Luggage Storage is the best option for just about everyone with dozens of locations in the Manhattan area to choose from. All of the local Manhattan businesses storing luggage via the platform are vetted, and your bags are covered by their BounceShield™ protection. And you only have to pay one low price for each bag, no matter how big it is.

  • As well as dozens of partners for luggage storage in Manhattan, Bounce has 300+ locations across New York.

  • Bookings come with the $10,000 Bounce guarantee, so you can leave your bags and know that they are covered. All bookings have to go through their website or app.

  • It only takes a couple of minutes to book luggage storage in Manhattan.


How much does Bounce’s Manhattan luggage storage cost?


Bounce Manhattan luggage storage costs $4.75/bag per 24 hours. Bookings have to be made via the Bounce website or luggage storage app. Even better, their BounceShield Protection provides a $10,000 guarantee, so you can rest assured your bags are being well looked after.

Where can I find the nearest Manhattan luggage storage locations?

You’ll find Bounce locations in Manhattan near local places like the American Museum of Natural History, near Central Park, and near the Museum of Arts and Design. Bounce has over 300 partners in New York with many of them in and around Manhattan. 


You can find Bounce Manhattan luggage storage at the locations below:


How can I book Manhattan luggage storage with Bounce?

Storing your luggage at Bounce is simple and quick using the app on your phone or their website. Just look for the most convenient location and reserve a spot for your belongings before heading over there. You’ll even get directions on your phone.

Bounce luggage storage in Luggage storage in Manhatten
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What are the other luggage storage options in Manhattan?

Schwartz luggage storage


You’ll find Schwartz Luggage Storage near the Port Authority Bus Terminal on West 37th Street. They’re the only ground floor luggage storage company in Manhattan and offer secure storage for both long- and short-term stays. However, their prices are a bit high at $10 per bag, making it an expensive choice if you have several bags to check.

Hotel luggage storage/Airbnb luggage storage in Manhattan


Some bed and breakfast and hotels offer short-term luggage storage options if you want to leave your bags temporarily while you do some sightseeing. But there are not many of these places in Manhattan.

Useful Information about Manhattan


From Marble Hill and Inwood to the Financial District and Wall Street, Manhattan is divided into several areas including Uptown, Midtown, and Downtown as well as the East Side and West Side. Each of the neighborhoods has its own personality and style, offering a diverse range of cuisines, entertainment, and cultural sites.

Manhattan also includes smaller islands like Ellis, Liberty, and Governor’s Island as well as Roosevelt Island and Mill Rock. You’ll also find more than 1,700 parks covering over 2,600 acres.

Of course, once you've dropped your bags off at a Manhattan luggage storage spot, you'll want to explore all the nearby attrations!

  • Take a walk through Hudson River Park where you can meander along the 4.5 miles of riverbanks. 

  • Visit the many museums on the Museum Mile on the Upper East Side like the Guggenheim and the MET.

  • Go on a shopping spree in SoHo or Union Square.

Where can I find restaurants in Manhattan?


According to Tripadvisor, there are over 6,000 eateries in Manhattan although other sites claim there are over 22,000. However many there are, you’re not going to have trouble finding your favorite from small cozy cafés to sophisticated eating establishments serving 10-course meals.

Within the main center of Manhattan, there are over 200 including 68 Michelin-starred restaurants. Some of these include Gabriel Kreuther, Jean-Georges, and the Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare. Of course, you’ll also be able to find plenty of fast-food joints like McDonald’s, Taco Bell, and Shake Shack.

How do I get to Manhattan?


New York has the largest subway system in the world. It’s known as MTA, with 151 stations and 472 stations in Manhattan. Another subway system, PATH, has six stations to connect Manhattan with New Jersey.

You can also use the AirTrain JFK, which connects the subway to Kennedy. The commuter rail system is another great choice with 20 rail lines and 250 stations. There are also more than 5,700 buses with 238 routes serving 2.5 million passengers a day.

Can I store my bags in Manhattan?


You’ll find hundreds of luggage storage sites and lockers to choose from all over the island. With so many choices, you’ll need to check the options to see what’s right for you. Many of them have apps you can download onto your phone, but others you have to call first. 

Can I rent a locker in Manhattan?


Yes, there are many Manhattan luggage lockers found mostly near major transportation hubs, attractions, and major shopping and dining centers. However, they are not supervised and don’t offer insurance.

How much does it cost to store a bag in Manhattan?

Bounce offers you 24-hour storage for just $4.75 per bag in Manhattan, no matter how big it is. This includes $10,000 guarantee with their BounceShield Protection.

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