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The Ultimate Guide To Grand Central Terminal Luggage Storage 2024

Luggage storage in Grand Central Terminal

​Grand Central Terminal, more commonly known as Grand Central Station, is a major hub for the commuter rail in New York City. The station serves over 21.6 million passengers per year, making it the second busiest train station in North America. When you get to the station, you’ll probably be wondering where you can store your bags so you can go explore the city.

Whether you’re a visitor from out of town needing a place to store suitcases while you’re visiting some attractions or a local resident coming from a shopping spree and needing a place to store your stuff, finding a luggage storage space is important.

You can store your belongings for a small fee while you do some sightseeing, visit the clubs, or enjoy a nice dinner. Many Grand Central Terminal luggage storage services will seal your bags and tag them, so you know they’re safe. Choosing the right one can be confusing, so we are going to help with that. 

Are there luggage lockers in Grand Central Terminal?

No, there are no luggage lockers in Grand Central Station. Because of the increased security measures after the 9/11 attacks, Grand Central Terminal luggage lockers are no longer an option. However, there are many other options for storing your bags using the Grand Central Terminal luggage lockers nearby, or you could book your bags into a local luggage storage company.


Where can I find luggage storage in Grand Central Terminal?

There is no Grand Central Terminal luggage storage facility, but you can find many locations within a few blocks of the station. From the East River to the Hudson River and from Central Park to Bryant Park, you’ll find hundreds of luggage storage facilities.

Although it’s easy to locate a luggage storage option in the Grand Central Terminal area, the prices are very different as are the services. Some of the hourly services seem inexpensive but many have handling fees and late fees that can be outrageous. Some places also charge for the size of your bag. 

How does luggage storage work?

Luggage storage options in NYC are spread all over the city in places like hotels and convenience stores, and you can find luggage lockers nearby Grand Central Terminal as well. But be careful not to choose an option where the lockers are unattended, uninsured, and not safe to use. In addition, lockers are typically for short-term use of a few hours while you visit an attraction.

Rather than choosing a luggage locker near Grand Central Terminal , use a luggage storage facility that insures your bags and has staff checking them in and out.


Which Is The Best Grand Central Terminal Luggage Storage App?

With so many new apps popping up every day, it can be confusing to find the best one for your needs. Those who want to safely stash their bags with a local business can find many apps that are easy to use. It will not be too hard to find one, you just have to determine which one is right for you. 

comparison table of luggage storage near or on grand central terminal

Our favorite Grand Central Terminal luggage storage company is Bounce.

Using Bounce’s Grand Central Terminal luggage service, you have more than 300 locations to choose from all over New York so you know you can find something nearby. Bounce partners with local businesses to provide safety and security for your belongings while you enjoy the city.

  • They have dozens of luggage storage partners near Grand Central Terminal, as well as 300+ more across New York.

  • Bookings come with the $10,000 Bounce guarantee, so you can leave your bags and know that they are covered. All bookings have to go through their website or app.

  • It only takes a couple of minutes to book luggage storage at Grand Central Terminal.

How much does Bounce’s Grand Central Terminal luggage storage cost?


Bounce Grand Central Terminal luggage storage costs $5.90/bag per 24 hours. Bookings have to be made via the Bounce website or luggage storage app. Even better, their BounceShield Protection provides a $10,000 guarantee, so you can rest assured your bags are being well looked after.


Where can I find the nearest Grand Central Terminal luggage storage locations?

Bounce partners with local hotels, restaurants, stores, and more to create their luggage storage spots. This is no different near Grand Central Terminal. Their conveniently located partners are within walking distance and can be reached in under 10 minutes from Grand Central Terminal. 

You can find the nearest Bounce Grand Central Terminal luggage storage below:


How can I book Grand Central Terminal luggage storage with Bounce?

You can book with luggage storage near Grand Central Terminal through Bounce in minutes, all you'll need is your phone or another electronic device like a tablet or laptop. You can book online via their website, but using the app from your phone is the easiest. Just find the most convenient location and reserve a spot for your bags. Then, just follow the GPS directions to get there, show your receipt, and drop off your luggage. 

The employee who stores your bags will close them with a seal and add a tag with all your information on it. Your bags will be safe until you go back to get them. Guaranteed. 

Bounce luggage storage Grand Central Terminal
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What are the other luggage storage options near Grand Central Terminal?

CBH luggage storage near Grand Central


Although CBH Luggage Storage only has one location, it’s a central spot near Grand Central Terminal. You can find it between Fifth and Sixth Avenues on 46th Street. They do have a lot of space, but you cannot be assured a spot until you get there and check in your bags. They charge between $10 and $15 per day for typical bags and $20+ for larger ones. They also charge a late fee of $29 after 6 PM, $59 after 8 PM, and $99 after 11 PM.

Hotel luggage storage/Airbnb luggage storage near Grand Central Terminal?


Leaving your bags at your hotel or bed & breakfast after you check out may be an option depending on the place you’re staying. Most of them do not offer this option so you’re better off looking for a luggage storage site near Grand Central Terminal instead. 

Useful Information about Grand Central Terminal


This historic transportation hub is located on Park Avenue and 42nd Street near Times Square, the Central Park Zoo, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The station is well-known for its stunning façade and some of the best shopping and dining in the area. 

It has been seen in many television shows and films including The Avengers in 2012, Arthur in 2011, and Men in Black II in 2002. There are a variety of things to enjoy while you’re at Grand Central Terminal including:

  • Tour the terminal to see some history such as the Zodiac on the Main Concourse Ceiling and the Information Booth Clock, which is the most famous clock in NYC. 

  • Stroll through Grand Central Market. There are over a dozen vendors offering homemade items, produce, and some unique souvenirs. 

  • See why it is so easy to hear someone whisper in the Whispering Gallery.

Where can I find restaurants near Grand Central Terminal?


The Dining Concourse at Grand Central Terminal is like a food court at a shopping mall but smaller. You can find favorites like Shake Shack, Magnolia Bakery, and Joe’s Coffee. If you would like to sit down and be served, try the Grand Central Oyster Bar & Restaurant or the Prova Pizzabar. Upstairs you can find the Campbell Bar, Cipriani Dolci, and Michael Jordan’s The Steak House NYC. 

How do I get to Grand Central Terminal?


Being a major transportation hub, you can get to Grand Central Terminal from just about anywhere in New York and even surrounding states like New Jersey and Connecticut. From the subway, take the 4, 5, 6, 7, or S lines. If you’re taking the bus, you can choose from Q32, M42, M4, M3, M2, M1, M103, M192, and M101. Or you can take the Metro New Haven, Harlem, and Hudson.

How early should I arrive at Grand Central Terminal?


Since Grand Central is so busy, getting there early is important. It is best to get there about an hour before your scheduled departure time. This way, you can take care of any last-minute details. 

Can I store my bags inside Grand Central Terminal?

No. They do not have any storage at Grand Central Terminal. 

Can you rent a locker at Grand Central Terminal?

No. They do not have any lockers at Grand Central Terminal.

How much does it cost to store a bag at Grand Central Terminal?


With Bounce, whatever size suitcases you have, the price is only $5.90 a day per bag. This includes the $10,000 insurance to make sure your belongings are well cared for. 

Attractions Near Grand Central Terminal (with luggage storage options)

  • Times Square

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