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The Ultimate Guide To Newark Airport Luggage Storage 2024

Image by Chris Leipelt

Once you’ve landed and gotten off the plane, then you have to go get your suitcases in the baggage claim area. But then what are you going to do with them?

No doubt, you’ll want to see some NYC landmarks as soon as you arrive. You certainly don’t want to be dragging backpacks and luggage along with you sightseeing, shopping, or dining in the city. There is way too much to do without having to worry about your bags.

With approximately 44 million passengers each year, Newark Airport is a busy place, so you just want to grab your bags and go. The best choice for you is to find a luggage storage facility nearby to store your bags while you go out and have some fun. 

But if you’re not from the area or have never used luggage storage services before, it can be hard to figure out the right choice. That’s why we did the research for you. We’ll try to answer all those questions you may have.

Are there luggage lockers in Newark Airport?

Unfortunately, there are no Newark Airport luggage lockers inside the airport. But there are plenty of luggage storage facilities within a mile or two of the airport.

Where can I find luggage storage in Newark Airport?

You’ll not have any trouble finding a luggage storage site within a short distance from Newark Airport. In fact, there are several within three miles of the airport and hundreds more around the area. There’s one at a smoke shop just outside the airport and two more at local restaurants.

You’re going to notice that there is a major difference in pricing between the Newark Airport luggage storage companies. Some charge less than $10 while others can cost you $50 or more!

How does luggage storage work?

Using luggage storage is easy. At most places, all you have to do is book your bags in on your phone or the website and then bring them your stuff. No hassles and some of them have several locations to choose from. Others may only have one main storage area. 

You’ll also find a lot of Newark Airport luggage lockers in the area but that is all they are, just lockers. There’s nobody there to man them so they are often vandalized and don’t offer any insurance if your luggage gets stolen or damaged.

Which Is The Best Newark Airport Luggage Storage App?

Every day there are more apps on your phone so at any time you can probably find dozens of luggage storage apps. It’s a bit overwhelming, to say the least, with so many to choose from. How do you know which are the best and which ones you don’t want to use?

Your belongings are important, so you have to choose a reputable Newark Airport luggage storage app to use. Once you do, using it is fast and easy, so you can get out and explore the city in minutes.

Our favorite Newark Airport luggage storage company is Bounce.

With more than 300 vetted business partners in the New York/New Jersey area, Bounce luggage storage is our favorite. Not only do they have a lot of locations, but they also have the lowest price and best insurance coverage. Not to mention the awesome reviews they get.

  • They have dozens of luggage storage partners near Newark Airport, as well as 300+ more across New York.

  • Bookings come with the $10,000 Bounce guarantee, so you can leave your bags and know that they are covered. All bookings have to go through their website or app.

  • It only takes a couple of minutes to book luggage storage at Newark Airport.


How much does Bounce’s Newark Airport luggage storage cost?

Bounce Newark Airport luggage storage costs $4.75/bag per 24 hours. Bookings have to be made via the Bounce website or luggage storage app. Even better, their BounceShield Protection provides a $10,000 guarantee, so you can rest assured your bags are being well looked after.

Where can I find the nearest Newark Airport luggage storage locations?

Whether you’re heading into New York to visit the Empire State Building, taking the ferry out to Liberty Island to see the Statue of Liberty, or taking the family to the Staten Island Zoo, you will probably pass at least a dozen Bounce locations. That’s because they have so many in the greater New York area.

For instance, there are three just north of the airport by the Newark Museum of Art, another one at the Prudential Center, and a few more within a few miles.

You can find Bounce Newark Airport luggage storage at the locations below:

How can I book Newark Airport luggage storage with Bounce?


It’s easy to use the Bounce app or website to find a location that’s best for your needs. You can look for one that is between the airport and whatever attractions you happen to be headed to or just try to get one that is close. It only takes a few clicks and you’re done.

Head to the location and show the employee your confirmation number, watch them seal and tag your luggage, and you are ready to go out and explore.

Bounce luggage storage in Newark Airport
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What are the other luggage storage options near Newark Airport?

Schwartz Luggage Storage

Schwartz Luggage Storage is a well-known company near the Port Authority Bus Terminal in Manhattan, New York. You’ll find it on 37th Street near all the popular attractions like Times Square, the Empire State Building and Radio City Music Hall. 

It’s locally owned and has been around a while and you don’t even have to make a reservation. But you should call first to make sure they have room. The prices are about $10 per bag depending on the size of your belongings. Unfortunately, there’s only one location and it’s about 40 minutes away.

Hotel luggage storage/Airbnb luggage storage near Newark Airport

Check with your hotel or bed and breakfast to see if you can store your bags there before check-in if you are staying nearby. Some places do that, but you have to ask. The fees and security are unknown, so be careful and check it out first. 


Useful Information about Newark Airport

Also known as Newark Liberty International Airport, this is a busy place with a vibrant vibe. The airport has 50 carriers, three terminals, and 121 gates. You’ll notice how crowded the place is right away and if you want to enjoy a drink at one of the bars, kick your feet up at a lounge, or enjoy some shopping, there are plenty of options.  

  • Get a massage at D-parture Spa at one of their two locations in Terminal C. 

  • Browse the artwork at the Newark Museum of Art on Washington Street.

  • Check out the Grammy Award winners and other cool items at the Grammy Museum Experience at the Prudential Center on Mulberry Street.

Where can I find restaurants near Newark Airport?

If you want to eat inside the airport, you’ve got plenty of choices because there are over 100 restaurants, fast food places, cafés, and food kiosks. Enjoy a nice meal at Qdoba Mexican Grill or Villa Fresh Italian Kitchen at the A Concourse at the food court or grab a bite on the go at Panda Express in the Foodhall on B Concourse.

Outside the airport, try some Portuguese food at Ironbound or Mexican grub at Taqueria Los Gueros right out front, grab a sandwich at Manny’s Deli on Newark Avenue, or have a thick juicy steak at 5 Star Steakhouse right down the street.


How do I get to Newark Airport?

New Jersey Transit offers many options on how to get to Newark Airport. Taking the bus, your choices include the 67 Bus from Jersey City, Newark, or Lakewood, GO 28 from Bloomfield or Newark, 37 Bus from Irvington, Maplewood or Newark, or the 62 Bus from Newark Penn Station.

How early should I arrive at Newark Airport?

The airport recommends that you get to the airport at least two hours before your flight. This allows you to find your airline, get checked in, check your bags, and find your gate and get through security. Then, all you have to do is go and enjoy the shops or get a drink while you wait for your flight.

Can I store my bags inside Newark Airport?

No. Due to security, there is no bag storage at Newark Airport.


Can you rent a locker at Newark Airport?

You will not find any Newark Airport luggage lockers either.

How much does it cost to store a bag at Newark Airport?

With Bounce, the price per bag per day is $5.90 no matter how big your suitcases are.

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