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The Ultimate Guide To LaGuardia Airport Luggage Storage 2024

Luggage storage in LaGuardia Airport

With over 680 acres of space, LaGuardia Airport in New York is a large airport that serves more than 8.2 million people per year. With so much going on, four terminals, and 72 gates, you’re going to be looking for a place to stow your bags right away so you can get out and check out the city while you’re there.

The best idea for you is to find some sort of luggage storage service where you can store your belongings for a while. Once you know your luggage is safe, you can get on to the most important thing, which is exploring New York City and the exciting places there like Times Square, Hudson Yards, and Central Park. You’ll have to pay a small fee to store your stuff, but it’s great to know your things will be safe while you enjoy the sights.

You’re not going to find any luggage storage sites in the airport, but you’ll find a bunch of storage places and even luggage lockers nearby. But if you’re unfamiliar with the area or the concept of luggage storage, you may not know where to begin. That’s why we did the research for you.


Are there luggage lockers in LaGuardia Airport?

No, there aren’t any LaGuardia Airport luggage lockers inside or on-site for you to use due to security reasons. You may be able to find some self-storage LaGuardia Airport luggage lockers nearby though. However, they are not owned or serviced by the airport at all. 

Where can I find luggage storage at LaGuardia Airport?


Are you wondering if there is a place for luggage at the airport? There is no bag storage in the airport itself, but LaGuardia Airport luggage storage locations can be found nearby, from right outside on Grand Central Parkway and 23rd Avenue to the Upper West Side on Manhattan Island.

With such a huge number of storage companies to choose from, you’ll notice that they vary in services as well as price. They range from services that are very reasonably priced to companies that have higher fees. Some charge outrageous late fees too.

How does luggage storage work at LaGuardia Airport?


Luggage storage is a terrific option as a place to leave your bags, other than in a luggage locker. Often luggage lockers are small and are not watched over either.  Luggage lockers are self-serve and have no protection.

Unlike luggage lockers, businesses that store luggage have someone who can take your bags, tag them, and keep them safe until you come back. Many of these have insurance and most offer security seals. You’ll find luggage storage in companies like laundromats, bodegas, and hotels. During business hours, these services are easy to access.

Which Is The Best LaGuardia Airport Luggage Storage App?

You’ve probably noticed that every day there are more and more apps on your phone for everything from delivery to rideshare services. That includes luggage apps as well. You’ll find a lot of apps for luggage storage in the New York area.

With an app, you’ve got the option of reserving a spot for your bags and then dropping them off, having them picked up, or using a GPS to find some storage lockers near LaGuardia Airport.

comparison table of luggage storage near or on laguardia airport

Our favorite LaGuardia Airport luggage storage company is Bounce.


Bounce is the best LaGuardia Airport luggage storage company for several reasons. First, they’ve got the most locations. Second, they’re the least expensive. And third, they’ve got the best insurance package. You just can’t go wrong with Bounce.

  • They have dozens of luggage storage partners near LaGuardia Airport, as well as 300+ more across New York.

  • Bookings come with the $10,000 Bounce guarantee, so you can leave your bags and know that they are covered. All bookings have to go through their website or app.

  • It only takes a couple of minutes to book luggage storage at LaGuardia Airport.

How much does Bounce’s LaGuardia Airport luggage storage cost?


Bounce LaGuardia Airport luggage storage costs $4.75/bag per 24 hours. Bookings have to be made via the Bounce website or luggage storage app. Even better, their BounceShield Protection provides a $10,000 guarantee, so you can rest assured your bags are being well looked after.

Where can I find the nearest LaGuardia Airport luggage storage locations?


You can find Bounce locations near LaGuardia Airport in retail stores, restaurants, hotels, gift shops, and The UPS Stores. Look for locations in convenient neighborhoods all over New York City. Just a few minutes from the airport, you can drop your bags and start enjoying the Big Apple. It’s an easy process.

Although Bounce doesn't have any locations inside LaGuardia airport, you can find their luggage storage spots near LaGuardia at the locations below:

How can I book LaGuardia Airport luggage storage with Bounce?


Booking with Bounce’s LaGuardia Airport Luggage storage takes just a few minutes with your phone’s app or on the website from any electronic device.

Choose the most convenient spot, reserve a space, and head to the location with the GPS directions. When you get there, they’ll tag and seal your bags and you can be on your way out and about. 

Bounce luggage storage in LaGuardia Airport
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What are the other luggage storage options near LaGuardia Airport?

CBH Luggage Storage


One of the luggage storage options is CBH Luggage Storage Company. They’ll keep your bags for you even if you don’t reserve a spot. But without a reservation, there’s really no way to know if they’ve got room until you get there.

The fees are $10 to $15 for each normal-sized bag and $20 and up for the bigger ones. They’ll also charge you additional fees if you’re running late for pick up. 

Hotel luggage storage/Airbnb luggage storage near LaGuardia Airport


Check with the management at the motel, Airbnb, or bed and breakfast you are staying at to see if they’ll hold your things for you even though you have checked out. Some do and some don’t, but it doesn't hurt to ask. And if your accommodation is in the middle of the city, you may want to find a luggage storage company close to LaGuardia Airport.

Useful Information about LaGuardia Airport

The busy airport is not just airplanes and security; there’s a bunch of shops, restaurants, bars, and services to take advantage of too. Looking for some toys for the kids? There’s an FAO Schwartz in Terminal B. If you need something to eat, grab a bite at Shake Shack in Terminal B.

You can also get a massage or a facial at BeRelax Spa near the food court or get a shave and a haircut at the Barber Spa on Level 4. Outside the airport in the Big Apple, you’ll have hundreds of choices of what to do like Jungle World at the Bronx Zoo or a game at Yankee Stadium.

  • Learn some history at the Queens Museum, the People’s Museum, or the New York Hall of Science.

  • Take a hike, play a round of golf, or walk along the Harlem River at Randall’s Island Park. 

  • See everything from the top of the Statue of Liberty or the Empire State Building.

Where can I find restaurants near LaGuardia Airport?

If the crowds and prices are too much for you at the airport, head outside for a while. Just along Astoria Boulevard right out front, you’ll find Indian food at the Star Light Grill or Tikka Grill, Italian eats at Dalton’s, or Chinese at King’s Taste. There is even a Colombian restaurant called Ali Aji, Pizzeria called Airways Pizza, and an Ecuadorian Restaurant.


How do I get to LaGuardia Airport?


With New York having such a great public transportation system, there are plenty of ways to get to and from LaGuardia Airport. For example, you could take the bus on lines M60, Q47, Q48, Q70, or Q72. 


The Metro (subway system) has lines R, M, F, E, and 7 for choices. Another option is to take the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) Train to Q70. Other choices include shuttle buses, taxis, and rideshare apps.

How early should I arrive at LaGuardia Airport?


To get your bags checked and get through security, the LaGuardia Airport suggests that you get there at least two hours before your flight time.

Can I store my bags inside LaGuardia Airport?


No, there are no LaGuardia Airport luggage storage sites on the premises.

Can you rent a locker at Newark Airport?


You will not find any LaGuardia Airport luggage lockers either. The nearest place to find luggage storage near LaGuardia Airport is at least several blocks from there. 

How much does it cost to store a bag at LaGuardia Airport?


If you use Bounce, you'll be glad to know that Bounce luggage storage is one of the lowest priced services in New York. No matter how big your bags are, you’ve only got to pay $4.75 per day per bag.


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