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The Ultimate Guide To JFK Airport Luggage Storage 2024

JFK Airport luggage storage

When you get to JFK Airport, whether you are there for business or pleasure, you are probably wondering where to store your luggage. Whether you are headed to the Resorts World Casino to try your luck, rushing to an important meeting downtown, or going to Central Park for a stroll, you do not want to bring your bags along. They’ll just slow you down!

If you have not used it before, luggage storage is a service to provide travelers a place to secure their belongings for a small fee. It's the perfect solution for anyone visiting New York City. Your bags are typically sealed with a security seal and tagged, but you should check with the provider first.

Some services you can find at airports and train stations in the Left Luggage Facilities area. However, when you are in a new place, it is difficult to know where to go. JFK Airport and the surrounding area have a variety of options for your luggage storage.

Take a look at the recommendations below to find the right one for you.

What is the best luggage storage service at JFK Airport?

In the bustling streets of New York City, travelers seeking the ultimate luggage storage solution find solace in Bounce, rising above the rest with its expansive network and unparalleled service. Bounce shines with over 10,000 storage locations worldwide, offering an affordable, flat daily rate without the surprise of additional fees at checkout.

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​Are there luggage lockers in JFK Airport?

No, self-serve JFK Airport luggage lockers don’t exist. However, you can find baggage storage counters at the airport where you can store your bags.

Where can I find luggage storage in JFK Airport?

Although there are no JFK Airport luggage lockers, the airport does have luggage storage. It is called Smart Carte Baggage Storage and they are located at Terminal 1. If you have your flight ticket, you can leave your luggage for up to 24 hours. If you do not have a flight ticket, you are going to have to find somewhere else to store your bags.

The prices range from $10 for an extra small bag up to 20 inches to $30 for any extra-large bags over 32 inches. This may seem like a high price, especially if you have several extra-large suitcases you need to store.

Luckily for you, there are plenty of excellent possibilities near JFK Airport where you can store your luggage.

How does luggage storage work?


Similar to self-serve luggage lockers, luggage storage facilities allow you a safe place to keep your suitcases. Instead of being in a locker, your suitcases are watched by a staff member. Often, luggage storage companies team up with local companies near the airport where you can drop off your bags.

Near JFK Airport, you can probably find luggage storage sites at hotels, restaurants, and bodegas as well as some museums, dry cleaners, and gift shops. To use the service, book a space and drop off your belongings during business hours.

Which Is The Best JFK Airport Luggage Storage App?

Recently, many New York City luggage storage apps have been developed for both visitors from out of town and locals who need to secure a bag. These apps make it easy to find and book a spot for your luggage near JFK Airport in minutes just using your phone.

Our favorite JFK Airport luggage storage company is Bounce.


Looking for JFK Airport luggage storage? Bounce is your best choice by far. Bounce partners with nearby companies to provide locals as well as travelers with safe storage options for everything from gym bags to suitcases. There are more than 300 locations in New York and many near JFK Airport. The price is the same no matter how large your bag is and you get insurance as well.

  • They have a number of luggage storage partners near JFK Airport, as well as over 300 across New York City in total.

  • Bookings come with the $10,000 Bounce guarantee, so you can leave your bags and know that they’re covered. All bookings have to go through their website or app

  • It only takes a couple of minutes to book your luggage storage spot at JFK Airport


How much does Bounce’s JFK Airport luggage storage cost?


Bounce JFK Airport luggage storage costs $5.90/bag per 24 hours. Bookings have to be made via the Bounce website or luggage storage app. Even better, their BounceShield Protection provides a $10,000 guarantee, so you can rest assured your bags are being well looked after.


Where can I find the nearest JFK Airport luggage storage locations?

You can find Bounce locations in retail stores, eateries, and hotels to name a few. They partner with local companies to provide luggage storage within minutes of JFK Airport. In fact, many are just minutes away.


You can find Bounce JFK Airport luggage storage at the locations below:



How can I book JFK Airport luggage storage with Bounce?


Booking luggage storage near JFK through Bounce is easy. You can either use the Bounce website or download their app onto your phone to use.

After you have booked in your bags at the Bounce location of your choice, use the directions to get there. Show the staff member your booking confirmation and they will add security seals to your luggage to keep them secure until you come back for them.

Bounce luggage storage JFK Airport
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What are the other luggage storage options near Penn Station?

Schwartz luggage storage


You can find Schwartz Luggage Storage near the Port Authority Bus Terminal just minutes from JFK Airport. It is a locally owned company that will keep your luggage for you without even reserving a spot. Just show up and drop off your bags. However, you will be paying about $10 per bag and if they do not have space, you will still be looking for a place to store your luggage.

Hotel luggage storage/Airbnb luggage storage near JFK Airport


If you are staying in a hotel or bed and breakfast, check to see if you can leave your luggage after you have checked out or if they’ll let you leave them before you check in. However, you will need to contact the hotel or B&B first to make sure it is okay.

It really depends on how close your place is near enough to JFK Airport. If it is too far and you are in a hurry, you may need to find a closer option.

Useful Information about JFK Airport​

Also known as John F. Kennedy International Airport, this is the busiest international airport in North America with more than 62 million passengers per year. They boast 90 different airlines with six terminals, four runways, and a number of retailers, eateries, and other amenities for visitors to enjoy.

The airport was opened in 1948 as Idlewild Airport but was changed to JFK Airport in 1963 after John F. Kennedy’s assassination.

  • JFK Airport has the AirTrain which you can use to easily move between terminals.

  • Enjoy plenty of shopping, from Coach to Kate Spade to Ron Jon Surf Shop and more.

  • The largest park in Queens, Corona Park is only 6 miles from the airport.

Where can I find restaurants near JFK Airport?


Within a mile of the airport, you will find dozens of eateries from cozy cafés to luxurious restaurants. From delis to food trucks and individual street vendors, the possibilities are endless whether you want burgers, hot dogs, or something completely different.


Inside JFK airport, you can also find a variety of eating establishments such as Buffalo Wild Wings, Shake Shack, and Qdoba Mexican Eats.

How do I get to JFK Airport?


You can take the Long Island Railroad and Air Train from Manhattan or downtown Brooklyn. Just take the Far Rockaway A Train to Howard Beach Station and then transfer to the AirTrain to get to JFK. Outside of Manhattan or Brooklyn, you can take the E, J, or Z subway to the Sutphin/Archer/JFK Airport and transfer to the AirTrain at Jamaica Station.

If you are using a taxi or rideshare service, you will be dropped off at the terminal you need to be at.

How early should I arrive at JFK Airport?


It is best that you arrive at least two hours prior to your flight. This gives you enough time to get through airport check-in and security as well as deal with any issues that arise. You can also check out your airline's recommendation via their website.

Can I store my bags inside JFK Airport?


To store your bags at the airport, you have to use the baggage storage option available through your airline

Can you rent a locker at JFK Airport?


No. There are no lockers to rent at JFK Airport.

How much does it cost to store a bag at JFK Airport?


With Bounce, it costs just $4.75 to store your bag near JFK Airport for 24 hours.

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